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Roof Repair in Miami Beach

Dan Tennis Roofing has been providing roof repair for the city of Miami Beach and throughout Miami-Dade County since 1975.

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Dan Tennis Roofing has provided Miami Beach with reliable and affordable roofing services for over 44 years; as a state licensed and insured roofing contractor, you can trust the roof experts at Dan Tennis Roofing with your next project. Call (954) 485-7778 with any questions or to schedule a free estimate; one of our expert roofers will be happy to help.

The City of Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida that was originally incorporated in 1915. Over the past 104 years the population has grown to include 91,026 residents, making Miami Beach the 23rd largest city in the state.

There are 7 Zip Codes in Miami Beach

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Latitude: 25.7613

Longitude: -80.1425

Population: 594

Median Age: 50.2 years old

Average Family Size: 2.89 people

Average Household Income: $232,500


Latitude: 25.7852

Longitude: -80.1492

Population: 38,613

Median Age: 39.7 years old

Average Family Size: 2.82 people

Average Household Income: $47,982


Latitude: 25.8160

Longitude: -80.1390

Population: 21,210

Median Age: 43.1 years old

Average Family Size: 3.07 people

Average Household Income: $68,916


Latitude: 25.8511

Longitude: -80.1414

Population: 35,249

Median Age: 41.1 years old

Average Family Size: 3.05 people

Average Household Income: $42,145


Latitude: 25.8828

Longitude: -80.1344

Population: 13,971

Median Age: 43.0 years old

Average Family Size: 3.22 people

Average Household Income: $64,463


Latitude: 25.7867

Longitude: -80.1335


Latitude: 25.7909

Longitude: -80.1414

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