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Waterproof Systems

Waterproof Roofing System

Dan Tennis Roofing Company specializes in the application of waterproof systems and roof coatings for metal and flat roofs. Call (954) 485-7778 for a free estimate on your commercial roofing project.

Property management companies, business owners, restaurants, hotels, condominiums and home owners associations all trust Dan Tennis Roofing for their commercial roof installations and repairs.

We are licensed, insured and have over 44 years of experience providing commercial roofing services throughout Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade counties.

Dan Tennis Roofing is family owned and operated and provides quality work for reasonable prices. We believe in our services and stand behind the quality of the products that we supply.

Stop Your Roof From Leaking

You can trust Dan Tennis Roofing to fix your leaking roof. We also offer roof maintenance packages to keep your roof in good condition, to prevent future leaks from happening, and to prolong the life of your existing roof. If you need a complete roof replacement, you can count of Dan Tennis Roofing to get the job done.

Hydro Stop Roof Coating System

Hydro Stop Waterproof Roofing System

Dan Tennis Roofing uses Hydro Stop Premium Roofing Coating. Hydro Stop is one of the highest quality roofing and waterproofing systems available. This flexible, U.V. resistant elastomeric compound is fully reinforced with tough nonwoven polyester fabric designed for all flat roofs and metal roofs.

Hydro Stop will seal your roof and save you close to 30% off your energy bill because of the highly reflective white roof. Hydro Stop will also save you money on your roofing project because there is no tear-offs or dumping fees involved. If you maintain and re-coat Hydro Stop White Finish Coat just before the manufacturers warranty expires, Hydro Stop will extend your manufactures warranty an addition 10 years.

Additional Benefits of Hydro Stop

  • Sustainable Roofing System That Saves Expensive Removal And Disposal Cost
  • Ultraviolet And Infrared Resistant For Added Durability
  • High Albedo Reduces Heat And Lowers Energy Costs
  • Resistant To Acid Rain And Chemical Pollutants
  • Won't Spread Flame Over Noncombustible Surfaces
  • 100% Adhesion Of System To Substrate
  • Wide Range Of Colors Provides Beautiful Architectural Finish
  • Meets V.O.C. Emissions Regulations To Eliminate Facility Downtime During Application
  • Nontoxic Formulation Is Safe To Install
  • Easy Application And Cleanup
  • No Special Equipment Required To Install