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Shopping Mall Roof Repaired by Dan Tennis Roofing

Shopping Plazas

South Florida is home to some of the most famous shopping plazas in the world. From the luxurious Galleria to the outlet shops of Sawgrass Mills, people travel from across the globe to enjoy our region's great shopping. The Dan Tennis Roofing team is proud to play a key role in South Florida's shopping industry by providing roofing services to some of the area's leading shopping plazas. We offer roof installations for newly constructed malls,  roofing replacements for aging plazas, and roofing repairs for shopping centers that have been devastated by hurricanes and storms.

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A high quality roof is vital to shopping plazas

While Florida is known for its great shopping, it is also known for its heat, humidity, stormy weather, and hurricanes. These harsh weather conditions can take a heavy toll on a roof - especially one that has been poorly installed or manufactured with low quality materials. At Dan Tennis Roofing, we never skimp on materials or try to take any short cuts when installing a roof. When you choose Dan Tennis Roofing, you can rest assured knowing that your customers and inventory will be protected.

Experience the many benefits of a first-class roof

From a distance, there may appear to be little difference between the roofs on shopping plazas in the Sunshine State. However, many of the benefits of a high quality roof are not always readily apparent. You may suddenly see a difference in your energy bill or notice that your shops feel cooler and more comfortable. When your shopping plaza is protected with a Dan Tennis roof, you will enjoy these advantages and many more:

  • Energy efficiency: We can help you select a roofing material and color that will reflect 65 percent or more of the sun's rays
  • Leak prevention: A properly installed roof can help stop leaks from ever developing
  • A cooler environment: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a "cool roof" will reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat
  • Minimal maintenance: When high quality roofing materials are used, you will not face as many repairs
  • An attractive warranty: Depending on the roofing option you select, your new roof may carry a warranty of 10 years or more

Highly skilled and experienced roofing technicians

No two retail centers are exactly alike. Dan Tennis Roofing contractors have the training and expertise to examine your building and recommend the roofing materials that would best meet your needs. When making recommendations, our contractors always consider your center's height, location, and special needs. Most importantly, we will do our best to provide customized roofing options that adhere to your budget. With over four decades of roofing experience, our business is committed to helping you enhance your shopping center through outstanding roofing installation and repair.

Cutting-edge waterproofing systems to protect shoppers and merchandise

The majority of shopping plazas in Florida and across the United States have flat roofs. While flat roofs are usually easier to install and maintain, they are more likely than sloped roofs to have problems such as leaks and ponding water. Dan Tennis Roofing takes measures to prevent these problems by using Hydro Stop Premium Roof Coating to seal shopping mall roofs. Here are a few of the many benefits of Hydro Stop:

  • Cost savings: Because the system does not require any tear-offs or dumping fees, you save money on labor
  • Highly resistant: Hydro Stop is highly resistant to ultraviolet and infrared exposure as well as chemical pollutants
  • Energy efficient: You can save up to 30% on your energy bill by using Hydro Stop
  • Nontoxic: Hydro Stop is safe to install and complies with V.O.C. emissions and regulations
  • Versatile: You can choose from a variety of beautiful colors to complement your shopping plaza's decor and landscaping

Superior roofing maintenance to prevent structural damage

Regular roof maintenance is the cornerstone of a long-lasting roof. Without the proper maintenance and repairs, a small leak or other minor problem may evolve into major structural damage that can only be resolved with a total roof replacement. Even worse, the resulting damage may require you to temporarily close your operations until your retail center is safe for customers to enter again.

Fortunately, Dan Tennis Roofing offers preventive roofing maintenance plans designed specifically for shopping plazas. The ultimate goal of our maintenance plans is to prolong the life of your roof through regular inspections and minor repairs. Our maintenance specialists will also inspect your flashings and check for small leaks. While our maintenance plans vary based on a roof's age and material, most of our plans include a comprehensive inspection by a trained technician at least twice per year.

Flexible roof installation hours to minimize interruptions

The Dan Tennis team knows that your livelihood hinges on your ability to keep your plaza open for business. But we also realize that it is even more important to protect your customers from the falling debris and exposure to startling noises that often accompany new roof installation. If closing your operations while your roof installed is simply not an option, then we will review alternative plans with you.

Flexible installation hours are just one of the many steps we take to minimize these inconveniences to your shoppers and diners. Prior to installing your roof, we will meet with your operations team to confirm your key hours of operation and do our best to avoid installing your roof during those peak hours. We will also take extra measures to remove debris from your property and keep extra protective gear on hand to prevent disruptions and help you operate your business as you usually do.

Contact Dan Tennis Roofing today to discuss a new roof for your shopping plaza

If you manage a shopping center that is in need of a new roof or roofing repairs, we encourage you to contact us today for a complimentary estimate. One of our roofing experts will take the time to discuss the options we can offer and answer any questions you may have. As South Florida's top commercial roofing provider, we welcome the opportunity to help you enhance your shopping center with a roof you can trust.